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Do You Really Need A Dictator?


It has been an interesting month since Donald J Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. And when I say interesting, I mean fucking awful. But that’s because I’m a left wing “libtard” pussy right? Well no, I’m a libertarian capitalist money grabbing bastard, but as we’re in post fact America, anyone who dislikes Mr Trump is apparently a left winger. Anyway, my main question to Trump supporters and to those die hard republicans is this: do you really need a dictator? Do you really WANT to be told what to do? Do you NEED a big man to reassure you of your position in this world?

Let’s explore, because there is a cost:

1. The Media Is The Enemy Of The People!
FAKE NEWS; FAKE NEWS. Yes, this is the new buzz of the alt-right and it sounds great. CNN and BBC are fake news trying to manipulate the American patriotic people into hating their President, so we should start getting our news DIRECT from the White House. Unfiltered messages direct from the government on the progress this fine government is making on immigration; jobs; the wall etc. The free press cannot be trusted, so we need to get the state message direct and believe it. Wait a minute, that’s called STATE PROPAGANDA. The government sets laws, the government forces you to pay tax at the point of a gun, the government takes you to war. The government should ALWAYS be questioned (huge fuck you Stephen Miller, you high school shooter wannabe), because history tells us that an unquestioned government with unlimited power is a very bad thing (bit like a nuclear holocaust, which Mr Trump found out recently was bad).

Taking the messages direct from the government is just plain fucking stupid. This government has proved in 4 short weeks it lies: Bowling Green massacre; size of inauguration; biggest electoral win; Flynn’s job was safe and that’s IN FOUR FUCKING WEEKS! These were easily proved lies, so yes guys, we need a free press – Fox does Trump’s bidding, but we have a press there to keep him and his cronies in check. I’ll take the New York Times and the Washington Post over what the West Wing says any day of the week, because (a) they have a burden of proof to show what they print is accurate (b) one of them took down Nixon, a reminder for all those in power that when you lie big, you lose in the end and (c) this administration is on wharp drive over-lie. If you think the free press is your enemy, you probably do need a dictator and plastic cutlery.

2. Those Immigrants Must Leave!
Guess what Trumpkins, I am an immigrant. I’m a legal immigrant sure, but I still wasn’t born in the United States. But since I arrived i’ve done 2 things, I bought a house (with cash from the UK), 2 cars, worked on my house, paid a lot of taxes and my other half is about to start paying a lot of taxes too. Sure, bugger off you Limey, we don’t need you here! But wait, I brought cash here. And I will bring more if I sell my UK house. And if I leave all that cash goes right back to the UK, with a big FX gain for me. But I want to stay and so do many others in our shoes: we’re law abiding, we contribute and we’re bring money into the US economy. There are many of us: we are legion. We leave, we cancel our mortgages, sell our houses, our cars and we become a negative on the US balance sheet. Like I said, I’m a money grabbing bastard. You know, like conservatives used to be.

But I guess because I’m from the outside and I don’t agree with Mr Trump, let’s take a hit to the US economy. Talking of hits, the expats leaving the US are piss in the wind compared to deporting undocumented tax payers. And I’ve met some: they can do plumbing, electrics, building, painting. And wait, they cook your food, wash your car, cut your grass, farm your vegetables. And the PAY FUCKING TAX as well as SPENDING MONEY! You take out these millions of people and they will take a massive stock of dollars, talent and tax right away from this glorious land. And that would be a bad thing. But it doesn’t impact you right – because you’re a US citizen and you’re not a goddam muslim. Well it does my friend, when consumer spending drops, govt spending goes up and tax take goes down, well that’s going to hit you one way or another. Recession, less jobs for all, more taxes. That’s economics. Unless you’re a complete fucking idiot and need a big man with stupid hair telling you what to do. These jobs are there for the taking and if US citizens wanted to do them they should skill the fuck up and stop whining. That message of self reliance and self responsibility is the bedrock of conservatives, so go on, call me a libtard you mindless twat….

3. Protestors Are Bad and They Must Be Stopped!

Yeah, all those cucks and women on the Woman’s March, they should be done for terrorism. Yeah, they’re disturbing the peace with their pussy feelings. They’re not patriots, they’re bad people and laws should be passed to limit their protest. My facts are more important than their feelings the old Tea Party would say. Unless you take into account one startling fact: do you really think that a government you DON’T agree with won’t abuse the powers you so willingly gave this administration. I am a great believer in small government (again, another conservative trait) and realise that the more power you give the beast, the more it will abuse them. Obama wasn’t exactly a shining light when it came to preserving civil liberties, but giving government more power, especially an administration that has lied bigly multiple times in a very limited amount of time is not just dumb, it’s suicidal. Cos the next Democratic President will use them on your skinny white ass in a heart beat (I’m assuming if you’re a Trump supporter you’re white and I make no apology for that, your man thinks all Muslims are terrorists, so like, fuck you).

4. Russia Is Our Friend! It’s the EU & Mexico That Is Our Enemy!

It’s a good thing that Mr Putin and Mr Trump are going to be friends and it’s great the Wikileaks told us about all the evil that that bitch Hillary Clinton emailed about. And you say that because you’re a patriot and you know what’s best for this country – the land of the goddam free. Well back the fuck up mister, because working with Russia and compromising an election is treason. And if you think Russia is America’s friend, again, you should take all the electrical equipment out of your house, because you’re a bonafide fuckwit. Russia shot a Malaysian airliner out of the sky and lied about it. Russia invaded another country and took their land. Russia has executed countless journalists, imprisoned Putin’s critics, has a controlled press and is the opposite the land of the free. Putin, much like Iran and ISIS, want a weak America looking the other way. They want to increase their power in the region and they will invade another sovereign state, but next time what happens if they invade a NATO nation? Well Nato has a responsibility to react when one of their members is attacked. That means war. And the US will have to pick a side then, backing its real friends (Germany, UK etc.) or it’s faux friends (Russia). Either way, the US will be pulled into a war. If you haven’t you should really read The Plot Against America by Phillip Roth (super Jew-ey as Melissa McCarthy might say, I mean Sean Spicer), this was where Nazi Germany had leverage over a new populist President (Charles Linderberg) and effectively blackmailed the US into staying out of WW2 and interning US Jews. I’m not saying Russia has leverage on Trump, but he’s sure as hell acting like they have. But just in case, let’s examine the links between Trump’s campaign and Russia as well as his tax returns, just to be, you know, safe. Unless your candidate is more important than your country. Does that make me more of a patriot than you? Well, if the glove fits….

5. Party Before Country! The GOP Knows Best

If you believe this line, then, yes, you do need a dictator. You need to be spoon fed. You need to your job protecting. You’ll take the extra orange fake tan and leave your freedom &¬†civil liberties at the door. Well, shame on you. There are 320million of us and the majority, unlike me, don’t have the ability to go anywhere else. The needs, wants and security of this country comes first. This is not about Democrats (who are by the way, acting like scared super pussies) or the Republicans (who apart from John McCain are looking like every one of the bad guys from SPECTRE right now) – this is about what is best for the democracy of the United States of America and the constitution of the leading country of the Free World. Some things are more important that your fucking tribal beliefs that Hillary should have been locked up and that Benghazi whatever, this is about that we need a free press, we need an independent judiciary and we need a government that acts for the ALL the people of the USA. Not just those who voted for Mr Trump, not for just Trump Enterprises and not for the interests of Russia.

To Conclude….

I’m not going to tell you you are wrong in voting Trump. You had your reasons: Hillary was a lousy candidate, the emails, that fantastic message of making America Great Again, the gung ho says what he thinks. I get it. But next time you talk about fake news, next time you believe what is coming out of Kellyanne or Miller’s filthy lying mouth, next time you criticise protestors undertaking free speech, next time you want to push out immigrants who are contributing to your economy, just stop and think. Am I aiding an abetting a dictator? Where does this end up? We’ve had nearly 80 years of no major world war and now we have Russian ambassadors being shot in Istanbul. This is history guys – dictators always start by muzzling the free press, attacking their opponents, limiting civil liberties and calling outsiders the enemy. If we’re lucky it may end up in a small war or a recession. If we’re not, the sky is limit – pick one: concentration camps / nuclear holocaust. And as Mr Trump points out that would be “bad”.

I don’t need a dictator and neither do you. I don’t want to convince you you were wrong. I love this country, I like Americans, I just want to live in peace with my family, my friends, walk my dog and say hello to my neighbours. That’s probably much like you. So peace be upon you and all the people of this world (OK, now you can call me a liberal twat).

NOTE: no reference was made to racism, misogyny or Islamophobia was made in this rant, so fuck you for asking