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Bad Men Need To Stop Getting Guns

160612132853-20-orlando-shooting-super-169Living in America is awesome. It’s a fantastic place: freedom of speech; wide open spaces; friendly people; good education & creative drive that echoes around the world. If America was a person they’d be a confident, fun, smart & energetic. America is great, whatever Trump says & I love it. But there is one big problem:


This has been known for sometime, but there seems to no stopping it. And guess what also:


The world has produced many: Anders Behring Breivik (Norway); Thomas Hamilton (Scotland); Martin Bryant (Australia). Mentally ill people who are determined to kill lots of people. And unfortunately they don’t wear clearly marked clothing so we know they are psychotic killers.

And another major fact:


Yes, responsible gun owners: homicidal nut jobs & violent gang members are ruining your sport / right to protection / constitutional rights. And it’s going to keep happening: Virginia Tech; San Bernardino & now Orlando. It didn’t even change things when Sandy Hook happened: 28 dead including 20 children shot by a mentally ill man who should not have had access to any weapons. 20 children murdered and nothing changes, then let’s face it, whose going to give a fuck about 50 gays right??


Something can be done and something should be done. I agree with the NRA that most gun murders are through the use of illegal weapons not by law abiding citizens. I wrote a much more unemotional piece last year: but today, I’m angry. I’m angry because some dick shot 50 people last night (June 12th) because he was a closet homosexual who couldn’t work out his daddy issues.

Anyway, the answer isn’t:

  1. More guns – although I do buy the argument that if we protect our airports & banks with guns, why not our schools. Also, you really don’t want to allow guns in nightclubs – I’ve seen plenty of bar brawls in my time, if guns were in the mix, I’d be dead from a stray bullet long ago.
  2. Banning Muslims from America – 1st amendment crossed right there. And it’s the extremists we want to stop coming in and they’re on no fly lists. This latest terrorist shooting and the last, were home grown, they’re already here.
  3. Making being Muslim illegal – again, 1st amendment and if you punish a whole religion, you’re sure as shit going to get more home grown extremists. And you won’t even know who they are if they’re smart, until you read their name in the news like Omar Mateen.
  4. Shutting down the internet to stop ISIS sending out their sick shit which seems to appeal so much to homicidal assholes. Terrorists can be born muslim, emigrate to the US from a muslim country or even convert and look as American as Brad Pitt. Samantha Lewthwaite was raised in the Home Counties of UK, yet went onto plan the  deaths of 400 people, all in the name of a religion that she converted to. The internet is free speech now and it’s global, so not going to happen.

So if we cannot stop homicidal maniacs being born we need to accept that:

(a) Homicidal maniacs are NOT LAW ABIDING: they are going to be prepared to break the law at some point (violence, robbery, being part of a gang. Guess what, that’s what criminal records are. We often know who these people are simply by the fact that they’re idiots and they go on from theft, to violence to murder.

(b) They are going to have some kind of MENTAL ILLNESS. That’s what doctor’s records are for. A paranoid schizophrenic, of which there are 100,000’s in the US, is not necessarily dangerous to other people, but they sure as hell should not have a semi automatic weapons.

(c) They have a large interest in Islamic extremism or a.n.other flavour of extremist (White Power, KKK etc.). These people are often known to the mighty CIA, NSA & FBI. They are all on no fly lists. The internet providers pass their details on.

All of the above people are BAD MEN THAT NEED TO STOP BEING ABLE TO GET GUNS. Because you can’t kill 50 people in a nightclub with a knife; you cannot kill 100’s in a music concert with a knife. So, how do you protect the constitution, allow responsible gun ownership, at the same time as stopping these bad people getting hold of guns. Simple & it’s big state I’m afraid:


See, it’s that simple. But does that mean that the President is going to be able to TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY? Well no, because it’s not the law abiding people we give a damn about. It’s the criminals, the mentally ill and the extremists that are going to have their guns taken away. Not a 70 year old widow who has a handgun at home for protection or a 30 year old hunter. So here it is:

  1. MONTH ONE: A National Gun Database Is Put In Place: yes, your tyrannical government is going to have to know you have a gun, because the terrorist nut job muslim convert cannot get one, you lose this right. Sorry NRA, you need to not just deal with this, you need to propose it. You should design the fucking thing in fact as you’ve prevented any study on getting a solution.
  2. MONTH TWO: Every Gun Should Be Registered To An Owner. Every gun needs to be registered to one owner much like a vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you bought it at a gun store or from a friend, but there will be 10 months to register all of your weapons with the local authority. Going forward, when any gun is sold, ownership should be transferred to the new person within 4 weeks, much like a car. Not to do so will be a crime. If you have a mental illness, criminal record or on a watch list, you will need to surrender your weapon.
  3. YEAR TWO: at this point we can assume all of the responsible owners will have registered all of their weapons. That means if after this point, if you don’t have a valid registration matching your firearm, your weapon will be confiscated (but no jail at this time). Any time police stop a vehicle they will be allowed to check for weapons – no registration: confiscation. Gang areas like South Chicago are going to have the hell out of them searched for non-registered weapons. If you commit a crime / become mentally ill, you’ll need to surrender your weapon. Again, the bad guys have really fucked the fun up for everyone here.
  4. YEAR THREE: now if you have an unregistered gun, you’re going to jail. Any gun sold after this point that is used in a murder within one year of it being sold by an unregistered user, the gun shop that sold that weapon, will be liable for criminal charges. Straw buying is how most illegal weapons get on the streets.

In fact, this is easier than getting a car as I’m not proposing a licence to get the gun or retain it. I’m not proposing that every gun owner requires insurance. As a libertarian leaning individual rights advocate I realise what a hypocrite I’m being & I’m going to get ridiculed for writing these words by my libertarian community, but we need to face the fact: BAD PEOPLE WANT TO KILL AMERICANS. Please, can we try and stop them? One of my children or my friends have not been shot. But the extremists hate what we have: freedom to choose, freedom to be gay, freedom to have fun, democracy, burgers, beers, fast cars etc. etc. So they’re targets & I’d like for them to be free to live without fear of being who they are. And if the NRA say these proposals are unconstitutional and undemocratic, well LET’S HAVE A GUN CONTROL REFERENDUM. Let’s put it to the people to decide – direct democracy. I think the NRA should be very scared of that because it may result in a complete gun ban. Which again why the NRA need to be part of the solution & if they can’t they should lose.

That’s my ideas. Call me a liberal fag, call me a statist twat, whatever, but give me some better ideas: give the President some better ideas. Even if you hate the Government, it’s pretty hard to hate 20 kids shot dead because we had no ideas.

But let’s stop saying nothing can be done to stop bad people getting guns. The alternative of banning a whole religion, building a wall, deporting all muslims & stopping all muslims entering the county is so much easier right? Be really, giving up is not just fucking shit: it’s giving up. And that’s as un-American as you can get.