Gun Control & Why It Isn’t Working


So as many of you who have read my previous pieces, I’m not too keen on government regulation. Mainly because it usually screws something up and there is some big corporate sponsoring the change. I’m also against that knee jerk reaction of “do something big government!” when something goes wrong (and something invariably does go wrong).

Yet even I admit there is a problem with guns in my home country. The statistics don’t lie – there are more gun deaths per head in this country per head than any other Western country. So OBAMA WANTS TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS!! Well, he has a point…

The point is, he’s not going to succeed, sorry liberal Americans and lefty Europeans. Gun control is not going to work. And why…?


There are lots of guns bought legally by responsible gun owners who use them to hunt as well as to protect themselves. They have the legal right to own these guns and they don’t like the democrats who would take these guns away from them. And if you look at the high gun ownership vs. how many shootings there are, the data tells you most owners are responsible. So, why do they need protection? Oh yes because:


The gang members in Chicago are not queueing up to register themselves to buy handguns. No, they are buying them illegally on the street / via crooked gun dealers. And these people are generally bad guys, so if you’re a good guy, the logic goes, why shouldn’t you protect yourself from the bad guys? Why isn’t Obama going after the illegal weapons first? Now that makes real sense to me. It’s not the hunters in Dakota that are shooting their hunting rivals with legal guns, it’s gang members with illegal guns shooting each other. So why should the guy from Dakota be penalised? Take all the guns away right now and you’ll take away the legal guns. Which leaves the bad guys with the guns and the good guys defenceless. Not smart…


The bad guys have guns right? So you want me as a good guy not to have a gun but he has one? No way! The San Bernardino shooting rocketed gun sales and visits to gun ranges. The press goes nuts about the radical islam threat and of mass shootings, so the best way to allay that fear is to get a gun. That is logical to many & logical to me. This does not seem the time to ask people for the guns back does it? I don’t want to be a victim and when something goes wrong, you don’t call a politician, you call someone with a gun…


Responsible gun owners will rightly point out there is lots of regulation on legal guns, but nobody is really going after the bad guys with the guns. I agree on that. If the bad guys had no guns, then many would not see the need to own guns for protection. Guns come from Mexico and even from Russia via the Canadian border. Start doing something about this please Mr President.

I could mention the constitution and the fact that lots of Republicans take donations from the pro-gun lobby, but everyone mentions that. This election, gun control will be part of the debate. So how about sensible people (not you Wayne LaPierre).

The Solution – It’s Boring & We All Have To Hug

So, is there light on the horizon if we want to stop the next Sandy Hook? I’m not saying the below is a holy grail and you can fly holes through them, but maybe:

  1. Start Listening To The Concerns Of The Pro-Gun Lobby – enforcing the current laws; give them the protection they are looking for (e.g. why protect railway stations and airports with guns, but not schools?)
  2. Stop Treating Pro-Gun Owners Like Idiots – I’ve interacted with many gun owners and if you talk to them with respect, they are often lovely people. Not “gun nuts” nor “rednecks”. They have a right to protect themselves and they are using their legal right to use it. So the liberals need to start bridging the gaps.
  3. Get Responsible Gun Owners To Be Part Of The Solution – maybe they agree that someone who is on a terrorism list / mentally ill shouldn’t have a gun. But the liberals won’t listen to them because they’re preaching. If it’s two sides (liberals against guns vs. GUN NUTS!) then it’s never going to work. People want to go hunting and people want to protect themselves. There are some people (criminals, the mentally ill, terrorists) that really should not have guns that both sides can agree on. Let’s work on that as a start point and see where we go.
  4. The Pro Gun supporters will have to change too – stop proposing more guns every time there is a shooting. They also have to look at the numbers and agree there are more murders in the US from guns & mass shootings than any other equivalent nation. Be part of the solution please. And stop calling everyone who disagrees with them as filthy appeasing PC liberals. Well some are but that’s not the point..
  5. Target Gun Dealers First – start going after the dealers who permit straw sales / corrupt dealers selling to the criminals. They are doing this and there has to be a solid effort to tackle it. They’re not coming from responsible gun owners.
  6. Tackle State Inconsistencies – each state has wildly different rules. So the criminals and dealers can go to the laxest state and bring back weapons with the tougher laws. New Yorks guns are coming from Virginia, not locally.
  7. Punish Irresponsible Gun Owners – lose your gun and didn’t report it? Allow your kid / toddler to have access to your gun? Carry a gun whilst drunk? Yeah, I’m looking at you. Responsible gun owners should come down on these people the hardest. Missing guns do end up in the wrong hands and they are used to kill innocent people. I discussed with an ex-Army lady from Texas on how she educated both her girls respect for guns at an early age & how to protect themselves. It’s those sort of people I’m more than happy to have guns and train others to use them. Not the woman who shot at shoplifters in a carpark or the woman who left a gun in the back seat so her sister was shot by her grandchild.

And you know, I’ve heard the argument that getting and owning a gun should be as boring and arduous as buying a car and learning to drive. You know what, as much as I hate further regulation, maybe it’s not sexy, but real solutions are often boring. But owning a gun like buying a car should be only for responsible people and MAY put off some nutter buying a gun and going to the local school.

I personally think that humans are irrational / emotional and frequently clash. When there are guns around, things get messy, so I’m not very Concealed Carry supporting, but that’s just me. I’m a realist and listening to the pro-gun people has given me real insight. We’re not enemies, we’re all just people who want to protect their families and freedoms. Often with a sensible mistrust of big government / politicians. A good idea can come from anywhere and a shit one from the smartest place.

I’d be very interested from pro-gun supporters of what they think on my ideas (politely please) as well as gun control supporters. I’m a reasonable guy. Usually.

So let’s all have a group hug and learn to love one another. Fuck you, you liberal piece of shit tree hugger, taste my Colt 45!


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