nice home

Nice house right? What bought that? Well that’s easy: oil.


Nice tank right? What bought that? Well, we could be tricky and say it was stolen, but again, it’s oil (well it’s certainly running it).

So it’s no secret that ISIS are funded primarily through the sale of oil through the oil wells it captured (see link here:

). They are making millions a day and this is funding the ISIS terror network that executes thousands of Muslims, Christians homosexuals and anyone they disagree with (which is probably 99.99% of the world). So who would be so stupid to buy their oil? Well Turkey for a start – all just for cheap fuel. And surprisingly Assad & the Syrian government PLUS the Kurds / the rebels who are fighting ISIS. So ISIS is selling it’s oil to those they are trying to kill. The Kurds are effectively paying to be killed: they are paying money for oil and this money is being used to pay for fighters and ammunition to kill them.

So there are plenty of hawks out there who want to invade IS occupied lands right now and that’s probably the most satisfying option. I’d be quite happy to al-Baghdadi’s head on a stick after all the evil he has committed in the name of religion, but we’ve seen how that’s worked out before. A power vacuum and cries of crusades. No, my view is that the better way and the frankly more boring route is to take away the money. This can be done as such:

  1. Countries buying IS Oil instantly get UN Sanctions – well might as well get the UN to do something and maybe that will get Turkey to close down it’s porous border and stop the smuggling of oil in. It’s not like an oil tanker truck is small.
  2. Provide oil to those fighting IS – the Saudi’s and the UAE are awash with cheap oil right now and have the means and funds to easily do this. Provide oil at a cheaper price so the Kurds don’t have to pay their own killers anymore.
  3. Shut down the oil infrastructure in ISIS held land – there are plenty of drones up there, use one to make a refinery inactive. Intervention, but still not an invasion.

Do I think 1 & 2 will happen, even though they are easy to do? Well the below images don’t fill me with any hope whilst China and the West are still hooked on oil. Nobody seems to standup to Saudi Arabia when there is so much money at stake. Maybe if we pressurise our governments to stop the Saudi love in but put real pressure on them to intervene in the oil situation, maybe, just maybe the ISIS death machine could be slowed to a halt. Money is needed to train fighters, to arm them and to send them back to commit murder in Paris or wherever they will strike next. It’s a lot cheaper, a lot less bloody and a lot more efficient way of stopping ISIS than sending in the troops. And for those UKIP types who propose shutting the borders and blaming immigrants, well that horse has bolted – ISIS will find a way to kill no matter of a pesky border.

So if you’re the type who demands SOMETHING must be done and has changed their Facebook image to a tricolour, try something a little more pressing. Stop the oil: stop the money

U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Saudi Arabia's King Salman (R) at Erga Palace in Riyadh, January 27, 2015. Obama is stopping in Saudi Arabia on his way back to Washington from India to pay his condolences over the death of King Abdullah and to hold bilateral meetings with King Salman.

cameron3 saudi


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